Shaquada Birmans


Shaquada DeeDee

Chocolate carrying dilute


Sire: Haberfield Hugo Boss

Dam: Shaquada Loopsy 



Shaquada Rags 2 Riches

Blue tabby


Sire: Shaquada Rembrandt

Dam: Shaquada Tabbyrags


Very proud to say this girl is a 4th generation Shaquada. At this stage a nice sized girl with stunning eye colour, lovely ear set and a very impressive profile. We look forward to seeing her babies next season.





Shaquada Roxie Rags

Seal tabby


Sire: Shaquada Rembrandt

Dam: Shaquada Tabbyrags


Sister to Shaquada Rags 2 Riches, love this one too so decided to keep both. Roxie is a little smaller than her sister but very chunky. Just love her sweet expression. Again stunning eye colour, lovely ear set, nice full muzzle, nose not as roman as her sisters but couldn't ask for a stronger chin.  



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